Anna Costello / Anna Marks

Anna Costello: Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Arizona. Daughter of scammers Tina Costello and David Stevens/David Marks

Anna Costello, daughter of gypsy sweetheart swindler, Tina Costello

Anna Marks, Gilbert Arizona, part of the Costello gypsy clan

Daughter of "Gypsy Sweetheart Swindler" Tina Costello, and David Steve

Usually living in the areas of Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona (Phoenix suburbs)

Anna meets the elderly men her parents scam and plays a role in the scam like the rest of the family. When my dad's finances were depleted and he was forced to come back to the Midwest, Anna, above, continued sending text messages from her mother's phone, asking him to please come back and saying how much they missed him. (Missed his money, she meant.) 

Pathetic people, and coaching their children to follow in the same criminal lifestyle of scamming the elderly.

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