Jacob Costello / Jake Marks

Jake Costello AKA Jake Marks. Fraud against elderly. Gilbert, Arizona. Chandler, AZ. Gypsy sweetheart scams.

Gypsy Jake Costello, or Jake Marks, scamming elderly men in Sweetheart Scams with his mother, Tina Costello, and wife, Sarah

THIS is the face to remember: Jake Costello AKA Jake Marks 
Age: 24, Current city: Gilbert, Arizona 

[JACOB COSTELLO, dob 3-14-1993 Sacramento, California]

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Jake plays a big role in the sweetheart swindle, scamming seniors with his mother, Tina Costello. After his mother and his wife, Sarah, targeted my elderly father at a Gilbert, Arizona Sam's Club, within days they took him to a Ford dealership to purchase a $66,000 car. He was told the car would be his. Jake systematically created a diversion as the paperwork was being signed, which led to his MOTHER'S NAME being placed on the title of the car my father had purchased with cash. 

Jake, Tina and David Steve (Tina's husband) took the car, and my dad walked away with nothing. When my dad showed up at their house asking for his new car, they turned him away. Is there anything more despicable than targeting aging and vulnerable adults for financial gain? They are con artists, nothing less. 

Jake, his mother, his father, and his wife, ultimately swindled $150,000 from my dad (a very conservative estimate, as this does not include the several store cards opened in his name, and another 49k auto loan in his name). 


I've been contacted by several people who have immediately recognized Jake and David. 

If you believe you are a victim of odometer tampering - report it to authorities. Odometer fraud is a felony, and a federal crime.

Jacob's other means of income, is Craigslist car scams in Phoenix. At any given time he's selling several different cars which will be posted from Arizona to California with mileage tampering. 

None of these gypsies have phones in their own name, and it's common practice to switch first and last names up amongst each other.. so remembering his face is my best suggestion. The family travels in numbers, and Jake has many relatives that look very much like him. 

When they speak to each other, it's in a language you've never heard; This is their Roma gypsy language. When he speaks to you in English, his speech carries an unmistakably odd accent, which they generally try to pass off as Italian or Hungarian. 

Actually.. it's worth mentioning that if you get tangled up with the Costellos in a Craigslist car deal - the name showing up on caller ID may appear to be an "older" man's name. That just means some other elderly man was driven to a wireless store to sign up for credit for the clan's new phone lines. And, this elderly man somewhere is probably paying a thousand bucks a month too, which he may or may not understand, or know yet. 

Phoenix auto sales scammer. Jake Costello Marks. Craigslist car scams in Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona, San Tan Valley.

Jake Marks Gilbert, AZ. Craigslist cars. Elderly scams Arizona.

Jacob Costello Gilbert, AZ gypsy scams. Chandler, Arizona.

Jake Costello frequently posts cars and trucks for sale online in Chandler, San Tan Valley, Gilbert, Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona (buys and sells cars on Craigslist)

Jacob Costello Marks, son of David Stevens (David Marks), scamming Arizona senior citizens.

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