Sarah Marks / Sarah Costello

Sarah Costello Marks. Gypsy scams California. Sarah Montes. Stealing from elderly. Senior abuse Arizona.

Sarah Costello - Jacob's wife (AKA Sarah Montes, Sarah Marks
Assisted mother-in-law, Tina, in targeting & approaching my dad February of 2013, by claiming car troubles in a Sam's Club parking lot in Arizona. Within days, they took him to a Ford dealership in Gilbert, AZ to purchase the $66,000 Mustang, and ultimately bilked him out of $150,000. 

Sarah is a mother herself, to two young girls. While her husband runs gypsy scams around Phoenix, she befriends elderly men with her mother-in-law, Tina, and they systematically deplete the man's savings.

Ready the full story: Tina Costello Sweetheart Swindle 

Targets elderly men and cons them out of money. Lies, exploits senior citizens for money.

Sarah Marks Gilbert, Arizona - Sarah Montes

What is Financial Abuse? The misuse or theft of money or assets. Persuading, tricking, or deceiving the elder out of money, possessions or property through deception or undue influence.

Gypsy Sarah Costello, Sarah Montes, Arizona. Bay Area California.

Sarah Costello Gilbert, Arizona. Also frequents the Tempe and Chandler AZ area, Scottsdale, Phoenix.

Rom Gypsies love themselves and love taking pictures of themselves (have you seen Jacob?). Thank god for technology and the self-loving idiots that made these pictures possible.

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