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Sarah Costello Marks. Gypsy scams California. Sarah Montes. Stealing from elderly, senior abuse Arizona.

SARAH COSTELLO - Jacob's wife (AKA Sarah Montes, Sarah Marks
Assisted mother-in-law, Tina, in targeting & approaching my dad February of 2013, by claiming car troubles in a Sam's Club parking lot in Arizona. Within days, they took him to a Ford dealership in Gilbert, AZ to purchase a $66,000 Mustang — and ultimately bilked him out of $150,000 in cash, cars, and phony investments. 

Sarah is married to Jacob, and they have young children. While her husband runs auto scams around Phoenix, Sarah befriends elderly men with her mother-in-law, Tina, and they systematically deplete the man's savings. 

Gypsy woman commonly meet their male victims at supermarkets, banks, casinos, and other places older men may frequent.
  • Photo: Sarah Costello, pictured with mother-in-law, Tina, in 2013

Gypsy Sarah has been known to hit the casinos around Chandler and Phoenix, where she enjoys meeting widowed gentlemen in their 80s:

A fast-moving relationship is soon followed by requests to partner in a new business. There is generally talk of surgeries or medical problems, and leaving an abusive husband. Sarah is looking for a new start, and guess what - your dad or grandfather is it.

►► If your adult children have printed this or directed you to this page:  The business IS a lie, the medical problems ARE a lie, SARAH is a lie, and her goal is to part you with every last dollar she can pull from you - just as her mother-in-law Tina did to my father, and just as Fallon Costello is reportedly doing to others right now, too. Sarah is married, her husband Jacob is fully aware of what’s being done to you, and there is no relationship advancing - this is a scam. Tricking older men into false relationships for money, unfortunately, is a common scam pulled by female gypsies. Please.. RUN. 

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Targets elderly men and cons them out of money. Lies, exploits senior citizens for money. Gypsy Sarah Costello, Sarah Montes, Arizona. Bay Area California.

Sarah Marks Gilbert, Arizona - Sarah MontesWhat is Financial Abuse? The misuse or theft of money or assets. Persuading, tricking, or deceiving the elder out of money, possessions or property through deception or undue influence.

Scam Artist Sarah Costello of Gilbert, Arizona frequents casinos in Chandler looking for elderly men to pull sweetheart scams on. San Tan, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix.

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Rom Gypsies love themselves, and love taking pictures of themselves (have you seen Jacob?). Thank god for technology and the self-loving idiots that made these pictures possible. 

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