Tina Costello Marks

Tina Marks or Tina Costello of Arizona, seen in San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Los Angeles, California. AKA Nina Marks.

Born Nina Costello, DOB 3/11/1975 Contra Costa County, California 

This Marks Gypsy scammed the life savings of my elderly father after targeting him in a Gilbert, AZ parking lot claiming car troubles. Within days, she and her family took him to a Ford dealership in Gilbert, AZ to purchase a $66,000 Mustang which she refused to let him have, and ultimately bilked him out of $150,000. 

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Usually living in the Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa and Chandler, Arizona areas (Phoenix region).

Other names she may currently be using in Arizona, and throughout the Los Angeles area, to Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area: 

  • Tina Marks and Nina Marks 
  • Tina Stevens and Nina Stevens and Tina Steve 
  • Tina Adams and Nina Adams 
  • Any other last names she steals from senior citizens who she defrauds 

elderly dating scams

Sweetheart Swindler Tina Stevens Arizona. Nina Stevens of California.

Tina Stevens or Nina Stevens in the San Francisco Bay area - also scams in Gilbert, Chandler and Tempe Arizona.

Elderly man victim of dating scam, romance fraud, female sociopath.

Scammed by younger woman. Gypsy scams.

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